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a building that has many different colored curtains on it's side and in front of it are tall buildings
a building with many colorful flags hanging from it's sides and trees in the foreground
Amanda Browder habille les bâtiments publics de patchworks colorés - Journal du Design
L’artiste textile Amanda Browder collabore avec les communautés dans lesquelles elle travaille pour mettre en place des interventions architecturales in situ. En utilisant des centaines de mètres de tissus aux couleurs vives et à motifs, Amanda Browder et ses équipes de bénévoles assemblent d’énormes panneaux qui
Birthday Party Decor
Elevate your celebrations to new heights with our one-of-a-kind unique ceiling party decor! ✨ Transform your space into a whimsical wonderland with these extraordinary pieces that redefine the art of decoration. 🎈✨ Ready to make your event unforgettable? Swipe right to explore the magic and take your party decor to the next level! 🛍️🌟 #UniqueCeilingDecor #ElevateYourEvent #PartyMagic Fringe and Party Goods: @ohmydarlingpartyco Photography: @monicareyesphotography Venue: @thelumenroom
Multi colored fringe chandelier above dining table for store decor Home Décor, Studio, Store Display, Event Decor, Display, Decor Inspiration, Diy Decor, Home Deco
Fringe Chandelier Displays
a street filled with lots of colorful kites hanging from it's ceiling over cars
colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling in an open area
many colorful umbrellas are hanging from the ceiling
many colorful umbrellas are hanging in the air
an instagramted photo with lights hanging from it's sides and the caption reads, your feed
colorful sculptures on the grass in front of a building
there are many kites hanging from the tree on this street corner, and people walk by
Laure Devenelle / Paper Art, Scénographies & Set Design | PARCOURS SAINT GERMAIN
| LAURE DEVENELLE Artiste Papier/Scénographe/Origamiste Kirigamiste