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the brand colors for autumn whispers
Color palette | inspiration | graphic design | brand design | Canva | autumn whispers
Explore the subtle beauty of the season with the "Autumn Whispers" color palette for your Canva graphic and brand design endeavors. Let muted earthy tones and soft whispers of autumn hues infuse your projects with the serene elegance of the fall season. 🍂🍁🎨 #ColorPalette #GraphicDesign #BrandDesign #CanvaInspiration #AutumnWhispersPalette
the brand colors for cotton candy
Color palette | inspiration | graphic design | brand design | Canva | cotton candy
Delight in the sweet charm of "Cotton Candy" with this whimsical color palette on Canva. Explore a dreamy blend of soft pinks, fluffy blues, and sugary pastels, perfect for infusing your graphic and brand design projects with a touch of playful elegance and nostalgia. 🍬🎨 #ColorPalette #GraphicDesign #BrandDesign #CanvaInspiration #CottonCandyPalette
the table is set with plates, bowls and vases for an outdoor dinner party
Serpent Vase - Green / OS
The Serpent Vase has a classic shape with the most beautiful hand-painted serpent that gives the illusion that gives the illusion of being wrapped around the vase. Curate your favourite flowers in one bouquet and display them in this enchanting vase. Specifications: • Measurements 182 x 182 x 430 mm • Material Earthenware • Dishwasher Safe • Handmade in Portugal
a pink table cloth with flowers and fruit on it sitting in the grass next to two chairs
Trippy Flower Tablecloth - Pink / OS
The Trippy Flower Tablecloth is a playful piece that will bring a dreamy floral spring onto your dinner or picnic table. Match this soft pink striped fabric and wondrous embroidered daisies with our matching Trippy Flower Napkin set to give you the most perfect extraordinary table arrangement set-up. Specifications: • Measurements 1500 x 2550 x 2 mm • Material: 100% Organic Cotton • 30°C Fine wash with similar colours only • Iron at low temperature • Do not bleach • Do not Dry Clean • Made in India
a pink table with flowers painted on it and a teddy bear sitting next to it
The Most Gorgeous Pale Pink Paint - Recreated Designs
a small pink table with a white rocking chair next to it and a teddy bear on top
Room Design: Pink Spindle Table for Scarlett