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Training | The Place For Pet People | Cuteness
When your dog gets fleas, you may hesitate to use a harsh pesticide treatment on him. For a more natural solution to your problem, try a mixture of Li...
a person holding a pair of scissors with the words how to cut your dog's nails without being afraid
How To Cut Your Dog's Nails (Without Being Afraid) - Proud Dog Mom
Who To Cut Your Dog's Nails Without Being Afraid | How To Cut Black Nails | How To Cut White Nails | Dog Health and Grooming Tips |
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DIY Flea Powder for Your Home - Get Rid of Fleas w/o Using Chemicals & Pesticides - Baking Soda & Salt! - DustinNikki Mommy of Three
Also stir-in/dilute a few tablespoons of both in a tall glass of water. Dip the flea comb in only seconds after brushing pets fur once through to kill caught fleas so they don't "spring away alive". Leave it in a minute & wipe clean with a tissue/paper towel. Be patient & keep your pet comfortable, rewarding w/treats & affection. Ought to take a half hour EACH pet. Use a new clean batch for each pet. Do twice a day for a week or until fleas are entirely gone from your pet(s) and home.
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Homemade flea shampoo 1 cup Dawn 1 cup white vinegar 1 quart water
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Flea spray
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Homemade Flea Killer For Pets And Home
Homemade Flea Killer for Around the House - Going to have to try this!
the box for borax is open and ready to be used as an antibacter
Homemade Flea Killer For Pets And Home
Homemade Flea Killer for Around the House - Going to have to try this!
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Grandma's Vinegar Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Add 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar to every quart of water in your pets water dish. Fleas will not go near your pet. Fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar half cold water then go around your house mist your furniture, rugs, drapes and anywhere fleas like to hide and lay eggs. Try this every time you're ready to vacuum and you'll be surprised how this little trick will get rid of not only fleas but ants, spiders and just about any critter that's lurking around your home.
a dog sticking its head out of a car window with the words how to get dog hair out of your car
How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car | Dog Hair Removal Tips - Good Doggies Online
if you are tired of dog hair all over your car ever time you take your pup out, check out these dog lover tips on getting dog hair out of your car.
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15 Essential Road Trip Tips That Will Give Your Dog The Adventure Of A Lifetime
Stay organized with a doggie car organizer Convert a toiletry bag into an over the seat car organizer and keep all your dog’s stuff in one place. It will make your life easier and help speed up rest stops.
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5 Quick Ways to Tire Out Your Dog
Does your dog have a lot of energy? Looking for more ways to exercise your dog? Here's 5 quick ways to tire out your dog. Quick & easy ways to give your more dog exercise.
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DIY Dog Cooling Mat Sewing Tutorial
DIY Dog Cooling Pad Sewing Tutorial - Need to keep your dog cooled off in hot weather? Here is a DIY Dog Cooling Mat Tutorial that will keep your pooch cool while he's outside with the family. It's great pet bed for warm weather climates. It's easy to make and only requires basic sewing skills.
a black and white dog with the words 8 effective remedies for dog bad breath
8 Natural & Effective Dog Bad Breath Remedies - Good Doggies Online
Check out these dog bad breath remedies that will help keep your dog smelling fresh. #dogs #dogownertips #dogcare