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an old photo of women in uniforms walking together with the caption o'de maio dia do trabhaddor
four women in aprons are standing on a roof with hoses attached to their backs
Jovens enfermeiras voluntárias da Segunda Guerra Mundial pulando / relaxando no topo de um prédio em Londres, Westminster ao fundo, vestindo uniforme do Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) por volta de 1940, Londres, Reino Unido
a painting of a doctor with his arms crossed
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Piya Samant
a painting of a nurse wearing a surgical mask
a woman wearing a surgical mask with sunflowers around her and the crown above her head
Nurse in full nursing uniform.
Nurses are Born to Serve.
there is a poster with an image of a nurse and a child on the floor
an image of a woman with sunflowers on her head and the words nurse