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Number matching activity for kids. Great for home or classroom.

Number matching activity for kids - Laughing Kids Learn

Simple number matching activity for kids using cupcake liners and other basic materials. Great for teaching children numbers to 20 and beyond.


Number Intervention

Overview:Grab these number intervention flip books for your little learners! These are perfect for RTI and math interventions. These will help reinforce: number identification, number writing, counting sets of objects, one-to-one correspondence, and subitizing. Check out the preview to see them in a...


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This was our first week back to school after some had a long summer break. Of course, half of our students are new..which means starting al...

Butterflies and Flowers Number Line Activity. Preschool math fun!

Butterflies and Flowers Number Line Activity

This butterflies and flowers number line activity is a great way to work on number identification, counting and adding with preschoolers.

I Have Who Has Number Recognition for numbers 0-20! FREEBIE!!! at TpT

Sweet for Kindergarten- Kristina Harrill

Browse over 370 educational resources created by Sweet for Kindergarten- Kristina Harrill in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I love these hands-on number sense activities for kindergarten and first grade. Great for the beginning of the year

Building Number Sense in Kindergarten and First Grade - Susan Jones

I love these hands-on number sense activities for kindergarten and first grade. Great for the beginning of the year

Building-Numbers-Math-Activity-for-Kids. #onlinemathcourses

Kindergarten Math - Numbers 11-20 - Planning Playtime

Building-Numbers-Math-Activity-for-Kids. #onlinemathcourses

Making Ten Mini-Book by Katie Roltgen | Teachers Pay Teachers

Making Ten Mini-Book

This is a no-prep mini-book designed to help students practice making combinations to 10. Students will use a bingo dauber, stickers, or crayons to complete 10 frames and then fill in an addition sentence.Enjoy!***************************************************************************Here are more...


Welcome to Snapshot 4 Learning . My original Snapshot Learning contains thousands of great resources but has "outgrown" itself. Hence Snapshot 4 Learning , which is hyperlinked to Snapshot 1 , now...

I Have Who Has Kindergarten Math

I Have Who Has Kindergarten Math

This cute game can be used for whole group instruction to help your students learn numbers 1-30. Cut and laminate cards, then give each student one card as they sit in a circle. Hand out as many cards as you have students. Students will read the sentence including number they have, then ask who h...

Here's a great activity idea for working on teen numbers.


Vowels and Consonants We started first grade about 5 weeks ago. Ah! Time flies when you are having fun! We reviewed vowels and consonants for a few days and I needed to see where my kids were. I also needed to keep my back to school sanity. We headed outside with chalk (and clipboard) in hand for a little formative. Students wrote their names and marked the vowels and consonants. We did it with a few other words, too. They love marking words, playing with chalk, and being outside. I loved…