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Jack-游戏ui网络综合班(北京)成长贴-2016年(game <wbr>UI/Interface/icon/logo/GUI/art/交互/图标/

Text are cleared even with a effect as we look from the bottom side, meets the legibility. TOTORO stands out with a bright gradient color range from yellow to orange.

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セブンスドラゴン2020 2020-Ⅱ ドラマCDジャケット [1]

+ + dragon 2020 dragon :d :p absurdres animal hood apron aqua eyes armband bare legs beard black eyes black hair black legwear blonde hair blue hair blush body armor boots braid breasts brown gloves brown hair cat hood charac

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Was inspired by Maxa-art and RoninDude to make a fantasy character so this is the character I've been working on! She's a timid wizard-in-the-making~ Wi. Beth Reynard the Wizard