Draw bald head/face w Sharpie. The paint along the top of the head w watercolor paint. Then using a straw, blow the water/paint away from the face.

Egg Carton Color Sorting Trays - this can help children with ASD who have deficits in fine motor skill

Egg Carton Colour Sorting

Egg carton color sorting trays and other great ideas - 20 Activities for Toddlers, Via: The Imagination Tree. Even just looking at the pics is fun :) GG

Make some spoon flowers for a Mother's Day gift! It's a cute and easy kids craft! | http://CraftyMorning.com

Spoon Flowers for a Mother's Day Gift

Make spoon flowers using tissue paper, styrofoam cups, pom poms, spoons, and paint! It's a lovely mother's day gift idea from kids.

Inspired by my car loving little boy – this Clothespin Cars Kid Craft idea is perfect for kids who love anything with wheels as much as we…

Clothespin Cars - Kid Craft

Clothespin car kid craft idea is perfect for kids who love anything with wheels!