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Donna Reynolds
Buy some cheap aquarium coral from wal mart and spray paint to add some beachy flair to your home

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i've showed off my dining room before....but thought i'd share with you all the latest developments in this room! first and foremost, i got new dining room chairs! can't tell you how exciting this is to me! i've been on the hunt for new ones, for a couple of years now. i wanted deep, comfy, wide, stylish, simple BUT inexpensive - chairs. a tall order to fill. i'd find ones i like but then they were $400 or ones that were the right price, but not super i didn't settle.....just…

Creative cutlery arrangement for a party or buffet. Palm leaves are forks, knives form the trunk and overturned spoons give the illusion of coconuts. Perfect for a tropical themed outdoor party! #cutlery

5 Awesome Cutlery Display Ideas for Wedding Table Decor

If you are looking for some ideas to display silverware for a wedding then view these ideas and see what you like the most and want to try: 1. An

Set Of 6 Bridesmaid Necklaces Swarovski Pearls by Uniquebeadables, $88.00

Set Of 6 Bridesmaid Necklaces,Swarovski Pearls, Silver Starfish, Pearl & Starfish Necklace, Beach Nautical Wedding, Set of 6 Necklaces

~CATALINA~ This listing is for a Set of 6 Starfish Necklaces. Discount has been applied to pricing, no additional coupons will apply. You can choose from various Swarovski pearl colors. Pearl color chart is in the 5th photo. Perfect for a summer wedding, beach wedding, or nautical theme. A necklace that your girls will cherish, and be able to wear over and over. Super lightweight & airy. This charming necklace features a Swarovski 8mm round Light Cream Rose pearl, and dancing right next to…

Beach Decor Seashells Coral and Starfish in by SeashellCollection

Beach Decor - Seashells, Coral and Starfish Arrangements 8", 10" and 12"

Beautiful arrangements of large shells and coral in tall glass cylinders. Quality large seashells in various colors of white, pink and green along with corals are artfully arranged in tall glass cylinders. You can purchase singly or all three.8" high x 5"10" high x 5"12" high x 5"See the complete Seashell Collection here -


Five Perfect Designs for Your Beach Wedding Cake | Exclusively Weddings

If you're having a beach wedding you are probably going to need a wedding cake! Beach wedding cakes can range from a very creative, elaborate beach theme

Let There Be Light: 15 Ideas for Candle Decor

Get inspired with these 15 luminous candle decor ideas.

Silk Wedding Flowers | Shop Artificial Flowers by Color at Afloral

Shop artificial flowers by colors. From flower arrangements to wedding bouquets, start your DIY projects with beautiful artificial flowers. Premium faux flowers in beautiful colors that last forever, your home for floral decorating.

Summer and Sea Wine Glasses (Candle Holders) | The Keeper of the Cheerios

Summer and Sea Wine Glasses (Candle Holders) - The Keeper of the Cheerios

Summer and Sea Wine Glasses (Candle Holders) Materials: Glitter Blast Spray CLICK HERE, Dollar Store Wine Glasses, Looking Glass Spray, Sand, Hemp, Glue, Shells and Starfish, other embellishments, and led candle lights. If you have never seen the mercury...Read more

70 Καλοκαιρινές ΣΥΝΘΕΣΕΙΣ-Διακοσμήσεις με ΚΟΧΥΛΙΑ και ΚΕΡΙΑ | ΣΟΥΛΟΥΠΩΣΕ ΤΟ

Καλοκαιρινές Συνθέσεις με Κοχύλια & Κεριά

Μ ικρά ή μεγαλύτερα χειροποίητα κεριά που θα φτιάξετε μόνοι σας ή έτοιμα του εμπορίου, κοχύλια από αυτά που μαζεύετε κατά καιρούς και ...

46 Charming Beach Wedding Table Settings |

46 Charming Beach Wedding Table Settings

Beach weddings are so amazing, relaxed and enjoyable! I don't know about you, guys, but I have always dreamt to get married on a beach, and I hope I'll fulfill my dream.