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Bunu sevenler?
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Jerome + The Maniax

Jerome + The Maniax 💖💗❣❣💓💓💝💞💞💟💟💘❤💘💋

"I'm the boss" - Jerome, Greenwood and Theo Galavan #Gotham

None of my friends understand when I say hoo hee during school. Usually during PE. Always during PE.

Cameron Monaghan (aka JOKER)

Hannah: You see this slightly deranged psycho? *smiles* And he makes me feel like I'm a normal teenage girl, rather than the psychotic, murdering monster I am.


Jerome is so pretty but like I'm torn between my love for Ed and my love for Jerome.

He just might be the Joker after all. I adore him. Such a great actor.

Jerome Joker HAHAHAHAHAHA gooshh imma insanr lil bitch i started laughing when he did . Well it's true laughing IS the most contagious thing in this world

I was really hoping he was the Joker for Gotham. But nope. They killed him off :/ WHAT THE FUCK

I'm tired of people going crazy over his death in Gotham okay? Get the facts straight, in a new episode we saw him in a test tube. Hugo strange is making the Gillian's who "die" into super villains.