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Voltron Lions

and I'll form the head! Art by Jeff Piña. Own the shirt that proudly displays Phoenix Comicon's Thursday badge art.

shinx, litleo, pokemon

These are my Shinx and Litleo. My Litleo is named Lionpaw and my Shinx is named Prism. Lionpaw is a Level 12 and so is Prism. They love to play around, and they also like to play with my Houndour, Firefang.

algo nuevo en mi galería ewe  no e tenido muchas ganas de dibujar ponys o mejor dicho no se me han ocurrido como dibujarlos, solo e dibujado bocetos :v  hoy quise intentar dibuja a u...

Luxray: A pure electric type pokèmon. This is the final evolutionary stage of Shinx and Luxio. It has powerful eyesight that allows it to seek out prey. When its eyes glow gold, it uses x-ray vision, which can see through anything.