Yosemite Coat Rack To prevent those resources from being wasted, Thai artisans have reclaimed the felled trunks, and trimmed, sanded and stained them to form these handsome coat stands. Because they're made from actual tree trunks, each one is unique.

Hanging Light Bulb Planters & Vases DIY for „Urban Jungle Bloggers“

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Planters & Vases - I've seen this idea around the itnernet, and have been wanting to try it.

Moss Covered 48" Coastal Range Natural Branches 3-4 branches

Beach pebbles and seashells (Abalone and other pearled shells) hand selected on the central coast of California assembled into a collage on

Pebble and Sea Glass Art/ Pebble Art/ by EmilysNatureEmporium, $45.00

Pebble and Sea Glass Art/ Pebble Art/ Beach Stones/ Canvas Artwork/ Collage-Dragonflies

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Creative Diy Ideas For Pebble Art Crafts! - Do It Yourself Samples

Teds Woodworking - awesome 30 DIY Rustic Decor Ideas using Logs - Projects You Can Start Building Today

Pebble Art (Pebble Family of Five or Pebble Friends sitting on a log under trees and sun) in a "open" frame Community- home

I would do scented DIY Sea Shell Candles. Add a touch of elegance into a space with these beautiful sea shell candles. Pratic and smart DIY ideas anyone can do in budget.

August wedding front porch farms wedding, mason jars and shepherds hooks for summer wedding.