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I prefer the alpha & gamma waves, myself. How about you?

Our minds are fascinating. We can induce meditative states almost at will, sometimes. Using things like isochronic tones and binaural beats, we can simulate certain states and brainwave entrainment.

How To Set Up a VPN (and Why You Should) #infographic #VPN

Infographic: How To Set Up a VPN (and Why You Should)No matter how secure you believe your internet connection is, hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in the ways they access people's personal information. Only through encryption, hiding your


Python now is what BASIC was in . With the broad range of modules for any purpose there is hard to find problem which can’t be solved with this easy to learn and use language.

List of Electrical projects ideas for final year electrical engineering students along with resources, like circuit diagram, code, working process etc.