Burcu Ustabaşı

Burcu Ustabaşı

Burcu Ustabaşı
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motiveweight: “ melissa-fit: “ yogh-urt: ” “ “ Wow this is so interesting ” I think gifs like these are insanely helpful, I love them ” ”

Squats - love them! Best for those with little time to workout/great all over exercise. Sumo Squat Thrusts work even more muscles- the bomb! 150 a day squat challenge.

Work your abs without crunches

Kettlebell pullovers: target the muscles in your shoulders, chest, triceps and back. Love this move - Life And Shape

Best photo of a cat I've EVER seen. By goenetix  on flickr  http://catsnation.blogspot.com

Oh kitty noses. They're small and pink and they've been everywhere. The catnip jar. Their friends' butts. I like to kiss kitty noses.