boys by girls - ‘Riverdale’ star Cole Sprouse photographed.

cole sprouse)) Alex Richards is a 17 year old, year Slytherin who excels in potions and defense against the dark arts, he's a pure blood and he's single. He acts like a lot of the Slytherins but he's a softie and a few


thank you @ god for making cole sprouse look just young Leo DiCaprio❤️

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If he actually smokes imma cry bc he is ruining his beautiful body if he does.

Cole M. Sprouse on Twitter: "smokes too much, drinks too much, talks to much, thinks too much. @DamonBaker and I killin our lungs and livers."

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Real men eat their cigarette butts. Got to shoot with the rambunctious this week. I'll post more of the shots soon.