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lockscreen | Tumblr

lockscreen | Tumblr

A classic by @bosslogic   @joemanganiello   Download this image at nomoremutants-com.tumblr.com  Key Film Dates:: DC  - Justice League  Nov 17 2017  - Aquaman  Dec 21 2018  - Shazam  Apr 5 2019  - Wonder Woman2 - Nov 1 2019  - Cyborg  Apr 3 2020  - Green Lanterns Corps  July 24 2020  - Flashpoint  TBD  - The Batman TBD  - Batgirl  TBD  - Gotham City Sirens TBD  - Suicide Squad2  TBD  - Black Adam  TBD  - Nightwing  TBD  - Dark Universe  TBD  - Man of Steel 2  TBD  #comicbooks #comicbooks…

The Justice League Movie was released last week in the US and has given us with not one, but two post credit scenes that offered up some cool easter eggs

BTS’den Jin’in Anime Boyutundaki Omuzlarının 72 Fotoğrafı!

BTS Jin‘s shoulders are so massive, they’d have to belong to an anime or manga character. ㅠㄱ Selfie’s From Behind Standing Next To Other People Candid In Jackets

Jin so beautiful

So many emotions rn Why does Jin look so sentimental and sad? And Namjoon in the back is givin me the same feeling with that gulp. I mean this gif is more beautiful than my hole life anyways but their expressions. TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.