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A book featuring Kylo Ren memes and maybe some Reylo stuff as well. Could be considered a companion book to my Kylo Ren/Adam Driver picture book.

I've never had the antagonist as a favorite character in any movie, not even in a marvel movie. (I mean sure, I like Loki, but he wasn't my favourite character) While Vader was imposing and pretty badass, he was pretty in the original trilogy.


BBC used actual teenagers in a high school price and I think to myself, "this is a lot of drama for primary school kids.

New Cultural Norm Idea#funny #lol #lolzonline

This actually kinda happened to me once, I had a stack of maybe 20 books in my arms and I ran over to my mom to show her and before I even say anything my mom is like "we are not getting all of those." And of course I'm sad, but that was expected because