The phrase you say before doing anything, gets you the support and guidance of God, "Bismillah Alrahman Alraheem", means: "In the name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful".........  Calligraphy: Mohammed Ali

Arabic calligraphy study, the word reads أرض " Ard " which means " Earth .


Rene Wanner's Poster Page / The Annual International Typography Poster as Asma-ul Husna. I think this design rocks!

سبحـان الله وبحمده, عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته

Reciting this only four times is greater than three hours of Zikr after Salat e Fajar in the morning. Prophet Muhammad saw.

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