Bazaar gossip 1886 By Charles Robertson,(British, 1844-1891) watercolor & bodycolor with gum , 101.5 x 71.3cm

art-and-things-of-beauty: “ Charles Robertson - Bazaar gossip, watercolor/bodycolor with gum, x cm.

'The arms dealer' by Charles Robertson (British, 1844-1891)

"The arms dealer" [O negociante de armas], pelo inglês Charles Robertson

Frederick Arthur Bridgman (1847-1928)

Живопись-Классика жанра-Гаремное

'In the Souk, Tunis' by Frederick Arthur Bridgman The Shafik Gabr Collection, Selected Paintings

547488_312092035573295_317044544_n.jpg (729×960)

Charles Sprague Pearce (Boston, 1851 - París, The pottery seller in Old City Cairo

Stanislaus von Chlebowski:Turkish Lady Praying in the Green Mosque, Bursa

Turkish Lady Praying in the Green Mosque, Bursa

A Turkish lady offering prayers (salaat) in the Green Mosque, Bursa, Turkey. Art by Stanislaus von Chlebowski.