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Alice through the looking glass GUILDFORD CASTLE, SURRY, UK

Curiouser and curiouser. - Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland" ~ Alice Through The Looking Glass Guildford Castle secret garden, Guildford, United Kingdom

Perfect man

Funny pictures about Calvin and Hobbes: The later years. Oh, and cool pics about Calvin and Hobbes: The later years. Also, Calvin and Hobbes: The later years.

Wildlife Experience

Since the it has been considered politically incorrect to call a black cat a black panther. The big black cats are black leopards or black jaguars and are not referred to as black panthers by anyone who knows anything about big cats.

Doctor Who Tardis Embroidered Geek Baby by TreegoldandBeegold, $16.00

I'm gonna go curl up in that corner of my Mind Palace reserved for feels . under a shock blanket . and throw myself on the cold, hard ground . and sob my heart out .

White Lion

Only 7 White Lions have been successfully reintroduced to their natural habitat of Timbavati. More land is now urgently needed for reproduction and securing future generations~~Powerful Gaze - white lion by - Kathy Newton~~