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As I walk on the skinny ice on the ocean all alone, something pulls me in." Then I see a boy underwater with me.


It seems to be on a whim, but Jared pulls out a lighter. He holds a Lunar Government flag in front of him. He strikes the lighter and a bright flame blossoms from it. He holds the flame to the flag. It crumbles to black dust in his hand.

je suis inspirée

Pin My dream job is going to be artistic since I really like drawing, painting and lots of things associate with Arts. And if my hobby and passion becomes my job, I probably don't need to work anymore.

j'aime être jolie

I love those socks with the short boots! frill lace socks with ankle boots for autumn / fall - super cute!

je me demande

I love but rarely listen to: The Hand Song by Nickel Creek. i'm leaving skyfall up because it's true, but this one is even more true!


falling-forward: Autumn is my absolute favorite for so many reasons. I can't wait till autumn now!

je pars

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