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Ghadames, Libya Photograph by George Steinmetz Tight clusters of traditional mud-brick-and-palm houses have stood for centuries in Ghadames, a pre-Roman oasis town in the Sahara. Rooftop walkways allowed women to move freely, concealed from men’s view.

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The Stained Glass Mapparium, Boston Massachusetts; Photograph by BOB SACHA for National Geographic; found on Stumbleupon: The Top 75 Pictures of the Year for 2013

Musa Köprüsü, Hollanda.

Link: Walk on Water This sunken bridge takes visitors across a moat of the century Fort de Roovere in The Netherlands. Designed by RO&AD architects, it became known as The Moses Bridge, due to.

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CANYON RIDERS Photographed by Edward S. Curtis, Navajo riders on horseback and a dog trekking across the Canyon de Chelly. Canyon de Chelly National Monument was established on April


Kasim Abdu Salaam Habib, opens his lovingly decorated home to foreign tourists in Ghadames in western Libya. The house needs repairs, and visitors are scarce these days. But Habib is optimistic. "I want to see Libya as a democracy," he says.

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June 2013 Correfoc, Barcelona Photograph by Carlos Rodriguez Pacheco, National Geographic Your Shot Typical Catalan culture, the correfoc are simple parades using fireworks and effigies of the devil.

Machu Picchu, inka , peru

Machu Picchu, inka , peru

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Taj Mahal, Agra, India - Done The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum commissioned for the wife of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Phoenix Sky Harbor

Taken at Sky Harbor International in Phoenix, AZ, this photo by Lotus Carroll conjures up memories of Lenny Kravitz’s hit song 'Fly Away'.

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güney peru nazca


Medina by Samir Salim on