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Dark Knight Rises on Behance

Dark Knight Rises by David Sharp, via Behance. -- like a reverse bat signal, Gordon knows Batman is out because he scares the bats out of the cave and Gordon sees them against the moon? If not in this story, in another one.


Gothic Capitals John Ruskin c. Engraving Source: Works, facing XI, One of Ruskin's many technical illustrations for The Stones of Venice — the architectural equivalent of the geological studies in Modern Painters

Greco Roman columns.

On how the Romans columns changed over decades. Extra learning for young kids learning about the Romans. Detail has changed over time on the columns.

continuous line- how cool!!

TSP Art Two hands, one loop From a distance, it appears that Adam's finger and God's finger have just broken contact. Yet from up close, it becomes apparent that they are connected. The entire picture is comprised of a single black loop.

Kartal  Instagram = u.gencay

Kartal Instagram = u.gencay