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Chal de Flores a Crochet                                                                                                                                                      Más

Chal de Flores a Crochet. // HOW BEAUTIFUL! ♥A ~ **I can't locate the pattern for this, so I pinned it for inspiration**

Let’s learn to crochet this wonderful Christmas angel. How do we choose from such a big number of angel tutorials that seem to be found everywhere nowadays. Well, as always, our crew does its’ best to find the most precise, the most unique and the most beautiful crochet project instructions even though there are a… Read More Christmas Angel – Crochet Tutorial

Christmas Angel – Crochet Tutorial

Baby shoes

cast on 36 sts mm needle stocking stitch for 36 rows cast off 18 sts 3 rows purl 3 rows st st you will have to count the ridges 9 ridges


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Professione Donna: Schemi per il filet: Tovaglia con bordo e inserto a filet

Professione Donna: Schemi per il filet: Tovaglia con bordo e inserto a filet

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