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36 Braided Wedding Hair Ideas You Will Love❤ Stylish Pull Throught Braid at home is ver easy! See at this tutorial and DIY step by step with us. See more braided hairstyles/braided-wedding-hair/

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Why it works? Coffee grounds and olive oil for cellulite removal works wonders because of the stimulants in the caffeine. Caffeine dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow which can lend the skin a more firm, toned appearance.

shrink large pore

Shrink Large Pores (Natural Remedy) Why it works? The egg white contains astringent properties that act to pull out waste and tighten pores as it dries. The corn starch works to softens the skin.

skin clarifying exfoliant-natural exfoliate

Skin Clarifying Exfoliant Combine 1 Tbsp brown sugar, 1 Tbsp white sugar, 2 Tbsp coconut oil, and 2 mashed strawberries in a bowl. Apply exfoliant to face and gently polish away dead skin and impurities. Repeat times a week as needed.

Vielleicht lieber Ton-in-Ton statt kunterbunt, oder in einem Farbschema bleiben wie blau-weiß-rot

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Topuk Dikenine Ölüm! | gisoow

Topuk Dikenine Ölüm!

Topuk Dikenine Ölüm! | gisoow