11 Simple Workout at Home Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

Workout Poses For a Firm Booty - If you want the booty of your dreams you HAVE to try these amazing glute moving exercises. Done in only 7 minutes, its SO fast too!

20 Amazing Free Crochet Patterns That Any Beginner Can Make---crochet a mini…

20 Amazing Free Crochet Patterns That Any Beginner Can Make

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14 ways to tie shoelaces. I'm going to have to invest in some serious shoes so I can try all these ways to tie shoe laces.

How To Pack a Suit Case For Business Trips | Bows-N-Ties.com

Does anyone else find folding to be therapeutic? Now I can open my husband's side of the closet and just smile in awe of these incredible folding skills i'm about to pick up!

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I just love love this blanket. I'm sure I've said it before - but I named the blanket Sarafia cause I was inspired from Sara and Sofia when.


Easy granny rectangle throw, by Erin Lindsay; written pattern on her site, just click the pic.