such a pretty lacy crochet collar!

such a pretty lacy crochet collar! Cute i want 2 crochet this on a tank top could be really cute


I really am fascinated with this type of lace, which I think is a kind of needle made lace. I think it originates in Turkey, but I am not sure. I wish I could find an instruction book for it!

"OYA" Needle lace and turquoise necklace

Serai Jewels carries jewelry inspired by ancient civilizations of Europe and Middle-East. Jewelry is handmade with semi-precious stones,silver, gold-plated

Turkish Oya, Beaded hand made lace necklace. Crocheted Turkish oya necklace 210514-121

Measurements: Total length of the necklace : It is completely hand crocheted (hand crafted). It is made by putting beads on the edges of

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Fusion crochet: Crochet collar for a fabric dress. I wouldn't wear it myself, but the craftsmanship is amazing .

シルクイーネオヤ ピアス フェスティバルチチェッキ

シルクイーネオヤ ピアス フェスティバルチチェッキ