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I am addicted to watercolor drawings. I have a deep love for trees, I always have. The combination of the water color and the tree is quite lovely.

Beautiful tree watercolor tattoo on back for girl - tree, art, painting, pastel

Tree by MarcDurrantTattoos. Gorgeous color...reminds me of the scene in What Dreams May Come when Annie tries to destroy her painting of the jacaranda tree.

#watercolor tree by

watercolor trees. This is an incredible painting! I wish I had that skill and talent.

Layered Landscapes Made of Graphite, Tape, and Resin

LA-based mixed media artist Brooks Shane Salzwedel assembles beautiful natural landscapes, often featuring some form of majestic architectur...

OMG! OMG! OMG! this is so amazing! I know its a real tattoo, BUT OMG LOOK AT IT! Follow me on instagram for more tattoos @ Blue_Apple001

Reminds me of my psychology class. Apparently, having a swing off a tree symbolizes that you want or care for children. Might be another tattoo idea of mine.

Watercolor Tree with Flock of Birds Tattoo... without the watercolor, the tree is what I'm looking for.

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