by Ara Guler

Magnum View image only Ara Guler Istanbul. At the end of the day "Yazma" scarf fabric being dried along the shore.

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Street in Tarlabaşı, Istanbul, Turkey, 1965 (photo by Ara Güler)

Ara Güler, Fisherman's Homes and Boathouses in Kumkapı (Demolished in 1958 to Build the Coast Road), Kumkapı, Istanbul

Magnum Photos- View image only Ara Guler TURKEY. Boatmen at the repair wharf.

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"Galata bridge, Istanbul" photo by Turkish photographer ARA GÜLER (born

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Fondly called as the Eye of Istanbul, Ara Güler is a Turkish PhotoJournalist hailing from Istanbul. He did grow up with the friends belonging to arts circ

Wool hanks hung to dry, a ship and the sea on the European coast of the Bosphorus, Ortakoy, by Ara Güler

Ara Güler - Inspiration from Masters of Photography

A retrospective of Magnum photographer Ara Güler’s photographs from his native Turkey show Istanbul as a bustling, thriving, romantic city in the century

"Sirkeci, Istanbul" photo by Turkish photographer ARA GÜLER (born