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This pin shows the Sanskrit language and also shows each letters English translation. Sanskrit is know as the Mother language in India.

sanskrit alphabet-ISKCON Desire Tree - Devotee Network the oldest written language-every sound a symbol-a piece of art and history and culture

Eski Necef Alfabesi, Old Negev Alphabet

Producer Lee Frank, deep in the remote canyons of southeast Colorado, found petroglyphs of remarkably well preserved script that illustrates the use of the traditional old Negev alphabet from ancient Sinai. (Hebrew) Lee chose to name the important.

Pictus Catfish - This is sometimes confused with the Synodontis Angelus catfish but they are actually different. As per this type of catfish, this is really a native in Africa.

These are aquariums. This is the art of a aquascaping. - I think this is an absolutely beautiful way of showing a landscape in a way and think it would make for some really good focal points or even conversation starters