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Chess - Classic Set by SteedMaker.

Chess - Classic Set by SteedMaker - Thingiverse

Test your 3D printer! v2 by ctrlV.

Test your printer! by ctrlV

Cable Spool by cheewee2000.

Simple but effective cable spool. STL is high res, so you can scale it up to whatever size you want. Low res files are also available if the high res

Zip Toggle by ByteSlinger.

This is a replacement zip toggle designed to easily connect to any medium to large zip loops where the metal/plastic toggle has broken off.

RobotArm by ftobler.

This is a Printable Robot Arm. It may need a bit more time to build one, than your normal weekend Project. But the build process is one thing, the

Escher Stairs by MicrosoftStore.

Am impossible loop of stairs.

Gear System, a collection by MicrosoftStore

Gear System, a collection by MicrosoftStore

Knurling bolt and nut by akira3dp0.

There are knurling bolts and a nut that modeling on Autodesk Fusion I got a inspiration form Knurled surface finishing

Lock Pick Set Card by Lockheart.

The idea for a lock-pick set that you could carry around in your wallet came to me when I began to learn how to pick locks this summer for fun.