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This reminds me of something. like an illustration in a book from my childhood? Something about the giant paper flowers . gonna drive me nuts til I remember

Love this idea! Build a bug activity. To use with our microscope bug slides in spring!

Explore Insect Compositions with tangible materials, reference books and Reggio-inspired setting. (via Imagine Learning Center)


Collection Process Activity for Mathematics Lesson - Preschool and Kindergarten

2017 Takvimi Çıkartma orjinal boyutta indirebilirsiniz. Çıktı alabilirsiniz

2017 Takvimi Çıkartma orjinal boyutta indirebilirsiniz. Çıktı alabilirsiniz

Star Mobile- Blue Nursery Mobile Use idea to make one of r/w/b for July 4 and hang in front porch????

Star Mobile- Blue Nursery Mobile, Shower Gift, Photographer Prop on Luulla or make out if snowflakes

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From teacher at Region XIII (Texas) wkshp, Portal to the Universe. She used it to help kids see themselves INSIDE the earth-moon model for lunar phases.

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