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Malvern Armatures - Stop Motion Animation - INDY H3/9 Armatures

Malvern Armatures manufactures and supplies bespoke, hand built, stop motion animation armatures and rigging systems for Professionals, University Students, Colleges and Home Animators.

Armature Kits from Animation Supplies

Animation Supplies armature kits and accessories are used as the skeletons that hold up foam latex, silicone and clay puppets for stop motion animation.

Medium Studio Armature - Animation Supplies has been working with the double Oscar winning studio Se-ma-for to exclusively bring you a range of pre-built armatures. These ready made armatures feature the following: *Fantastic feet with base plates and jointed toes *Rigging points in the hips and upper body *Ball jointed wrists+ *Precision made to a tolerance of 0.1mm *Joints resistant to the load of e.g. latex *Specifically forged alloy for great joint movement

The Medium Studio Armature - A Stop Motion Armature from Animation Supplies

Motion Cabinet for stop motion animators

Motion Cabinet for stop motion animators used it in sort of short stop motion films or longer full length fetaures.