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McLaren LM5

Reviving the style and precision of the renowned McLaren the designer of the KTM Motorbike, Matt Williams, has come up with car concept that moves on both road and track with ease. Entitled “McLaren the sports car much like the makes.

Audi R8

Well here's one that sure to polarize opinion. Regula Tuning, based in Schwerte, Germany, have just published details of their "Grandiose" tuning package for the Audi Starting with the front, .

A series where the best content from our sister, Linxspiration, is rounded up in a large image based post. Make sure to check it out if you’re into fine living,

Bugati- LadyLuxuryDesigns

Bugatti’s official website: the brand that combines an artistic approach with superior technical innovations in the world of sport.