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Himba mother and child, Namibia. The most beautiful part of a country is its people. Love this picture

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"Parenting Across Cultures" by Sara Harkness and Charles M. Super, professors at the University of Connecticut, U.S.A.

Muktinath, Nepal - Along the Annapurna circuit, Nepal. Update: I won first place with this photo in a National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest: "The World in Focus" . I love how this portrait shows a mother's love.

Muktinath, Nepal

Along the Annapurna circuit, Nepal. 1991. Update: I won first place with this photo in a 2010 National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest: "The World in Focus"

Akan (Hill Tribe) mother and child. Chiang Rai, Thailand - A cultural holiday. Find mor out about those living in your world.

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the Sami people are one of the indigenous people of the northern Europe inhabiting Sapmi, which today encompasses parts of northern Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The Sami people's best known livelihood is semi-nomadic reindeer

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jhellum: “ A Sami woman and child with their reindeer. I’m on a reindeer kick. ”

Peru - beautiful mother and child

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and Child by Steve McCurry - Loikaw, Myanmar-Burma Beautiful people of the world. Colourful wonderful Steve McCurry - Loikaw, Myanmar-Burma Beautiful people of the world. Colourful wonderful world.

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 Babywearing is so natural. and beautiful :) Peru Travel Destinations Honeymoon Backpack Backpacking Vacation Wanderlust Budget Off the Beaten Path South America


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Mukubal Girl Carrying Her Brother in a Dik Dik skin, Angola by Eric Lafforgue It's interesting that "baby wearing" is all the rave these days when we've been wearing our babies since antiquity.

Mukubal Girl Carrying Her Brother in a Dik Dik skin, Angola

Every baby in Mucubal tribe wears this piece of wood and shells in the back, Ombeleketha. It is a kind of talisman the mother puts. Once the baby can walk, they remove it and keep it for the next baby to come! Mucubal (also called Mucubai, Mucabale, Mugubale) people are a subgroup of the Herero ethnic group, which means they are bantu speaking, and are supposed to have come from Kenya and to be related with Massais. They are semi nomadic pastoralists living of cattle raising and agriculture…

A Mursi woman and child in village of Galap. Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Randy Olson

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A mother and child of the Red Dzao tribe, Ta Phin Village, Sapa, Vietnam, photograph by Sayid Budhi.

Happy smile a mother of Red Dzao tribe

5th Day in Northern Vietnam : Women of the Red Dzao ethnic minority, Ta Phin Village ~ Sapa A mother of Red Dzao tribe carrying her son at Ta Phin Village The Red Dzao is one of the ethnic groups that live in the region. They are called Red Dzao because they always use red to decorate the clothes they wear. There are two curiosities about this tribe. The first is that you can know how rich a woman is by the size of her hat. the other is that the local canon of beauty says women have to shave…

Tuaregs of Algeria are part of a larger group of Berber-speaking Tuaregs. They are nomads who raise cattle and live in an area that stretches across North Africa. This territory extends from Western Sahara to the northern portion of Western Sudan.

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The Afar tribe is located in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti in the desert region of the Horn of Africa. The Afar people are f.

The Most Human Color - oxane: Touareg nord de Gao. Mali by courregesg

Touareg nord de Gao. Mali

Africa | Tuareg man. North of Gao, Mali. | ©Georges Courreges

Mwila or Mwela people are a cluster of semi-nomadic ethnic group living in southern Angola, in the area of Huila. Mwila people actually be.

Mumuhuila tribe mother and baby

This tribe is one of the most beautiful i've seen: Mumuilas (or Muhilla or Mumuhuila ) live in south Angola, and are very shy with foreigners, as they do not see any tourists in the area! The girl on the picture wears a giant necklace as she is married. On the head, she has a special mix of cow dungs, herbs, and mud. © Eric Lafforgue

Albino baby girl and her Mumuhuila tribe mother -Angola This albino baby girl had some little dreadlocks & was incredibly white. The mother was proud to pause for the picture. This is beautiful. by Eric Lafforgue


smile-arigatou: “ mumuhuila tribe mother and her daughter ”