Iznik tiles - The Harem, Topkapi Palace

If you've never been to Istanbul, Iznik tiles are amazing ceramic designs from the ottoman empire, and there are so many amazing patterns. My visit to Istanbul still influences my style so much. Iznik tile decoration - The Harem, Topkapi Palace


Whirling Dervish, Middle Eastern Art, Sufi, Islamic Art, Visual Arts, Lava, Mezzo, Islamic Patterns, Italian Language

Silks for the Sultans - textiles from the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites - Early century textile from the book, Silks for the Sultans - Textile Museum of Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey.

Hizb (Litany) of An-Nawawi [Turkey] • 18th Century ottoman prayer book

Hizb (Litany) of An-Nawawi, Ottoman period (ca. dated a. 1152 / a. 1739 Turkey, Istanbul Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold .

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