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Heart Medley Bookmark Cross Stitch Kit by Twilleys of Stamford

Heart Medley Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit By Twilleys of Stamford is one of a range of quality counted cross stitch designs . -7UeoilSBfps VMn8w2TKnJI AAAAAAAAFbE RGFFV8ipwO8 s1600 048.JPG -7UeoilSBfps VMn8w2TKnJI AAAAAAAAFbE RGFFV8ipwO8 s1600 048.JPG

Hearts Bookmark by on @deviantART

A bookmark design created for my Etsy team& PIF day, and also to celebrate 1500 pageviews. Thanks to all of you for your support, and thanks for visiting my DA and Etsy sites!

SMALL PATTERN - Ukrainian embroidery This would be really cool as a scarf or even something to just hang on the wall in a frame (you know, IF, that's how I decorated)