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75 "You Had One Job" Moments - Mourning News | Guff

75 "You Had One Job" Moments

Forget multitasking, these people can barely juggle one task.

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Fox news fail. Did this seriously happen? :)
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Fox news fail.

6,008 points • 98 comments - Fox news fail. - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on

CNN asked for it and they got it!

Post your Trump/CNN memes/GIF's/Videos here!

CNN asked for, and they got it! [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] I

20 Funniest Newspaper Headlines ever - (funny headlines)
Newspaper Headlines

20 Funniest Newspaper Headlines ever - Oddee

20 Funniest Newspaper Headlines ever - (funny headlines)

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I wonder if they can tell me who didn't win the Super Bowl last week? Oh wait, what is that? Oh, the Steelers. : (
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20 (Un)Intentionally Funny News Headlines - BANNED IN HOLLYWOOD

Article titles are in no particular order because I have become as lazy as psychics have gotten (see #1). Rearranging the titles is a lot of work, especially with so many god damn Colons. Here are Banned’s 20 (Un)Intentionally Funny News Headlines. 20. Trust me, you would have done the same thing, it was waaaaaay … More

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42 Reasons Why Local News Should At Least Get A Participation Award

And this one. | 26 Spectacular News Fails

And this one.

When the media goes delightfully wrong. Slightly NSFW images and language ahead.

Tv news Fail - WTF Pictures that fails (25+ Photos)
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WTF Pictures that fails-24

Tv news Fail