How to sew Jersey Short Khimar? Pattern, sewing tutorial and explanations :: HelikaStyle

Sewing tutorial for nice not very long jersey hijab called khimar. Sewing instruction and pattern axplanation find here and sew with HelikaStyle!

Let's sew hijabs, jilbabs, khimars, abayas and everything else together!

How to sew al-Amira hijab. Base pattern. Detailed instructions. The most detailed sewing tutorial for al-Amira hijab. Sew hijabs with us! HelikaStyle

We will sew now al-Amira hijab - 2 pieces hijab, and we will try several models. Here you will find base pattern and detailed explanation of the sewing possibilities.

How to sew underscarf-tube :: Sewing classes and tutorials - HelikaStyle Undrerscarf-tube is the first one among all possible types and the simplest in sewing.

Very detailed explanation of the process of the underscaf-tube sewing. Pattern and recommendations from HelikaStyle

Tutorial awning (getah)telekung budak

Tutorial awning (getah)telekung budak