Murat Yeşiltaş

Murat Yeşiltaş

Murat Yeşiltaş
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Couple rings made from coins

Funny pictures about Couple rings made from coins. Oh, and cool pics about Couple rings made from coins. Also, Couple rings made from coins.

Make Your Own Cool Ring

Designer Nicholas Heckaman of The Ring Tree meticulously handcrafts detailed rings out of US coins. The Gainesville, Florida-based designer first discovered his skill when he was looking for the perfect ring to propose to his girlfriend with. He managed t

Amazing eggplant dish for eggplant lovers

Why not just call it "cheesy pull-apart garlic Eggplant"! - Low Carb Cheesy Pull-Apart Garlic 'Bread' made a little bit healthier using eggplant as a base and low fat grated mozzarella.