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an open shelving unit in a kitchen with potted plants
Kitchen archway
a pink rocking chair in front of a window with colorful quilts hanging on it
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“I Paid Extra For These Seats And Would Like To Sit In Them”: Man Gets Into Argument With Entitled Old Couple Over Plane Seats
a green and white tiled wall next to a red fire hydrant in front of it
Dash&Square 5 - zellige
a chair and sink in a tiled bathroom
a chair sitting on top of a colorful floor covered in squares and lines, with the seat folded back
Abstrakt Expressionism for the Home: Graphic Tiles by Commune - Remodelista
the color scheme for poppy, flamingo, baby blue and olive are shown in different colors
Color Palette for Graphic Designers, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Art & Other Creative Pursuits
a chair and table in front of a wall with colorful tiles on the back ground
The technique of collage as the characteristic feature of Benedetta Tagliabue - EMBT
In one of the rooms of the Ragno showroom in Milan, a beautiful homage to Giorgio De Chirico: the small, brightly colored tiles of the Storie collection reinterpret one of his metaphysical paintings from his “Le piazze d’Italia” anthology. Discover more on Ragno Ceramiche website!
a blue pedestal sink sitting under a mirror next to a wall mounted faucet
a white shelf under a tent with pictures and clothes hanging on the rack underneath it
Awesome Inspiration for those ladders! Would make a Great makeshift closet for those rooms without closets! Would be very cool to add middle shelf and use as shelf!