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Oslo-based studios Koreo Arkitekter and Kolab Arkitekter joined forces to convert an old wooden boathouse into a stunning summer house that glows with warmth. Located in a small fishing village called Vikebygd, on Norway's west coast, 'Naust V' combines old pine slats with a new polycarbonate skin. Its translucent walls not only let natural light in, but also make the shelter magically glow when the sun goes down.


Act I Art Deco detail on The Madison Belmont building at 181 Madison Avenue, New York City. Phott by Joel Gordon Photography.

Culture Trip

more@ - v9 - 1914-15 Materials & documents of architecture and sculpture : A reissue of Matériaux et documents d'architecture et de sculpture 1872-1914

Decorations inside Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan, India - Indian Architecture - i can't get enough of this kind of thing

Lims Latrobe University Molecular Science Building By Lyons Architects

Plataforma Arquitectura

How to enhance a background - by Thomas Romain (one of the few foreigners working in the anime industry in Japan)


Wood Wall Cross Wood Cross Cross Wall Art by KinNixIndustrial



Base Minami Aoyama - Architect Ryuichi Sasaki+Sasaki Architecture Roppongi Office

vertical gardening could incorporate fish water to sustain plants & both to sustain you. Plants clean fish water returning re oxygenated & clean to sustain fish. All it requires is management as we are supposed to do with creation. :)

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Journaling


Casas abandonadas que parecem mal assombradas | Mundo Gump

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