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Some of the most awesome toys of the 80s were dolls and the accessories that went along with them. Several of the most sought-after Barbie dolls came out in this decade. While Barbie is still hanging around, there are several toys designed just for girls that we played with in the 80s before they faded

You are looking at an intriguing picture entitled "Navaho Smile". It was taken in 1904 by Edward S. Curtis. The picture presents a Navaho woman sitting outside her doorway, with her right hand on her cheek, with a beautiful smile. One must wonder about the kind thoughts that are leading to such a cheerful face.

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Drive In Movie Theatre Aerial View 1950s 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo


Chief Wolf Robe, Cheyenne. When Lewis and Clarkwent cross country they brought these medals for gifts for the Indians.

The Black Consciousness Movement started as a student movement and quickly became the voice and spirit of anti-Apartheid resistance in 1970s South Africa.

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This wonderful hanging pendant in silver with gilding and exquisite details was found by Leif Petersen somewhere in the district Thy, Denmark. The necklace is from the Viking and is filed with the local museum in Thisted.

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MINIATURAS MILITARES POR ALFONS CÀNOVAS: LA ARTILLERIA DEL PRIMER IMPERIO ,por Jean -Marie. MONGIN infografias de André JOUINEAU..- Articulo aparecido en la revista Figurines nº 86.( lo recomiendo ).

WW1, 1916; Romanian troops on the move towards Predeal. WW1 1916; troupes roumaines sur le mouvement vers Predeal.

25 Fotos nunca publicadas dos arquivos da National Geographic

Native American Indian . . . the only Americans that are NOT immigrants. Don't forget that people !

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Ophelia DeVore -Ophelia DeVore (August 12,1922 - February 28, 2014) was the first African-American model in the United States. In 1946, she helped establish the Grace Del Marco Agency, one of the first modeling agencies in America. changed the way women of color were seen in the modelling industry. ♛ ♛~✿Ophelia Ryan ✿~♛

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