You are ruled by your desire to be connected to others. Whether it is a romantic connection you seek, or the deep abiding intimacy of family or friendship, it is what fuels you and keeps you motivated. You have a warm and compassionate soul and a nurturing spirit which draws others to you. You see people for everything that they can be and all the wonder that they contain within them; and this drives you to connect to them.


Congress in all it's idiotic glory, Ladies and Gentlemen. There should be a mandatory test to even be considered capable to run a country


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ALL OF MY CALLS should have THAT disclaimer! ! ESPECIALLY on my BAD PAIN days or Any Day ... If there are children around! LOL

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I am blessed to have a strong, loving husband by my side, and amazing friends that enhance our lives for only the better - cheers to that!

The man who says his wife can't take a joke, forgets that she took him. - Oscar Wilde More