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English with Latin origin, mūnus meaning "gift" /myoo-nif-uh-suh ns/ MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

haplography (noun): The inadvertent omission of a repeated letter or letters in writing (e.g. writing philogy for philology). Word of the Day for 30 April 2016. #WOTD #WordoftheDay #haplography

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How to take control of your life < create a life plan #MichaelHyatt #DanielHarkavy #LivingForward

the purity of mind....nisargadatta maharaj #quote #consciousness #spirituality…

Lamentations 2:22-23 - Your mercies are new every morning [credit to B.Berning, FB]

these are supremely more interesting questions ; ask away lil plants

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I have multiple ways to look at this, like fuck you you don't deserve it, or lucky you you're welcome and I'm at peace.

Getting our priorities straight + leading a meaningful life.

Always Well Within

21 Suggestions for Success (http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/48/e1/f1/48e1f115b09e79bb773ce4e48b80dba5.jpg)

Hey Crazy

When a Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ isn't over thinking, they can be some of the funniest people in the room.

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