Birds of Prey

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Whitetail Kite by Conrad Tan Pretty Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds, Rapace Diurne, Birds Of Prey, Raptors, Wild Birds, Bird Watching, Bird Art

The White-tailed Kite (Elanus leucurus) is an elanid kite of genus Elanus found in western North America and parts of South America. Their coloration is gull-like, but their shape and flight falcon-like, with a rounded tail. Mainly white underneath, they have black wingtips and shoulders.

This looks like some type of vulture, stealing eggs from a nest. Pretty Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds, Exotic Birds, Colorful Birds, Kinds Of Birds, Mundo Animal, Big Bird, Vulture

🔥 Egyptian Vulture 🔥

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If you see a guy sitting up on top of a tree he might be a Red Shouldered Hawk Ohio Birds, All Birds, Birds Of Prey, Love Birds, Pretty Birds, Beautiful Birds, Reptiles, Picture Tree, Wild Creatures

A Red SHouldered Hawk in a Tree During A Cold Snowy March Day In Missouri

Egyptian Vulture by Sid Verma on Ancient Egyptian Religion, Eagle Bird, Vulture, Stark, Birds Of Prey, Old World, Pet Birds, Mammals, Nature Photography

The Egyptian VULTURE (Neophron percnopterus), also called the White Scavenger Vulture or Pharaoh's Chicken, is a small Old World vulture and the only member of the genus Neophron. It is widely distributed; the Egyptian Vulture is found from south-western Europe and northern Africa to India. The contrasting under-wing pattern and wedge-shaped tail make it distinctive in flight as it soars in thermals during the warmer parts of the day.