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laminas africanas gallery for African Culture, contemporary art daily, paintings…

Giulio Rosati @@@@...... @@@@@@

Giulio Rosati @@@@...... @@@@@@

Adorning the Bride, Algeria by Orientalist Artist José Tapiró y Baró…

carro de bois | Carro de Boi", de Rui de Paula

Dia a dia do campo dá saudade nas telas de artista mineiro

"Whoah, There, Not So Fast. . .Young'Un! "~ Henry Hintermeister.

Original Oil Painting by Henry Hy Hintermeister, Illustration Art

Finally Back Home

Finally Back Home~ The Wandering Little Lamb~ Ginette Paquette ( Canadian Artist )

Horse Jigsaw Puzzles That Will Absolutely Capture Your Imagination