Learn the basics of Hardanger embroidery with this pretty blue and green…

Blue green beginners Hardanger panel pattern designed by Yvette Stanton. This pattern was designed specifically to teach Hardanger to beginners. When you go to the linked page you'll see a sample of the detailed step-by-step instructions.

Sew in Love: Hardanger

There are also some pieces with hardanger elements on the 'Counted and Drawn Thread' page. This is Mary Hickmott's 'Delicate Dreams' des.

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Hardanger Embroidery // VERY difficult. High skill level, and always treasured, rarely used (unfortunately). Some find smaller sized ones and frame them w/clear glass -- hang in window -- like snowflakes, almost.


Col's Creations - Traditional Hardanger Designs - The Christmas Collection Make Beautiful Gifts or Just Used To Decorate Your Room Or Tree At Christmas Time.

Col's Creations - Traditional Hardanger Designs - Samplers Make A Perfect Gift or Stitch One For Yourself

Col's Creations - Traditional Hardanger Designs - Orchid Sampler - Part of the Samplers Collection.

Whitework Embroidery

Hardanger Ornament, White work Embroidery + Tassels Tutorials 1 of 8