Christina Danisa

Christina Danisa

Crab Orchard / Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something that is beautiful, or to discover something that is true. ~William Inge
Christina Danisa
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The Human Side of Photography – 4 Tips for Natural Looking Portraits

You can have a properly exposed shot, great composition, and a perfect location. but if you don't tune in to the humanity of your subject, your photos will always be adequate. Capture the person!

Now that's a selfie.

Pictures of daredevil Kirill Oreshkin in the midst of some of his most dangerous stunts have earned the photographer the nickname 'Russian Spiderman', thanks to a series of extreme selfies showing him standing on or dangling from dizzying heights.


My mom loved calla lilies. And she always said calla lily is an old Hollywood Accent. So of course, when I see them I do the same thing. :) Credit: Calla Lily Valley, Big Sur (By Yan Photography)

i want to do this!

† idea - photo at sunset with arms making a heart framing the sunset . print all in black and white except the sunset in color - great idea! this would make some cool pictures, & I know you could get some other great ideas from this as well.