this looks like a great way to avoid mitered corners(I could use this!)

perfect mitered corners tutorial - this is the simplest way I've seen to do this! This may become my preferred method on future projects.

a magic pillowcase tutorial!

lovely little handmades: a magic pillowcase tutorial! a magic pillowcase tutorial! Easy way to sew a pillowcase so it has the fancy cuff on the top and trim and better yet all of the seams are hidden inside

Applying Quilt Binding: A fresh technique for sewing down the binding on a quilt.

How to Sew a Quilt Binding

Подхваты для штор из СD-дисков


Unusual tie backs for old CD is used for the backing.with a chop stick piker perhaps?

Apples Tea Towel

Apples Tea Towel or could be made into an apron with the apples as pockets--could use green and red scrap fabrics--jc