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Fun Summer Activities Kids Can Do For Under 10

Balloon Rockets - I've done this in several science camps I've conducted. Kids have fun with it. But, when the balloon deflates it may fall off the straw because it's surface area changes - another good thing to show and explain to kids.

25 Craft Room Organization Tips | Babble - would be great in a classroom as well (ML)

Use milk bottles for pencil storage Recycle plastic milk bottles in to pencil holders. Grab a craft knife and recycle your large plastic milk bottles in to pencil holders. Extra points if you go all OCD and file them by colour.

Enclosure Plan - Fostex FX120 ML-TQWT

Folded ML TQWT Using the Fostex Full Range Driver, size & measures

High-End Audio Audiophile Speakers methuselahpalooza. has the commercial version of this speaker family